PACE Miata Club Founder – Dave Allen

Past Presidents (left to right: Bob Gresh, Harlo Smith, Bob Bookwalter, Dave Allen, Randy Chapman, Garry Lookingbill, Don Newcomer)

Club Mission

To unite Central Pennsylvania Mazda Miata enthusiasts in a spirit of friendship and to enhance their enjoyment and knowledge of the Miata.

Club History

Back in 1992, Miatas were becoming more numerous in the central Pennsylvania area but there was no Miata club since the short-lived Keystone Club had disbanded.

Our founder, Dave Allen, decided to remedy this sad situation and travelled to the Miatas at Indy event in the summer of 1992 to get the charter for a new club from the Miata Club of America. Also at that Indy event were Bob & Jo Bookwalter and Julie Swope and these three Miatas (one blue, one white, one red) formed the nucleus of the new club. That summer, more Miata nuts joined the club and after a few local drives, in October PACE took its first run to the Skyline Drive.

PACE membership has continued to grow through the years from this small group to almost 100 Miatas—and their people. In this time PACE has explored most of the many great twisty country roads in our area and has run trips to various areas of the country from Ocean City MD west to Utah and from Charleston SC north to Nova Scotia. Our events have ranged from scenic drives, picnics and dinners to autocross and performance driving school.

After enjoying the hospitality of numerous other Miata clubs, in 2008, PACE decided to organize its own regional Miata event and hosted 125 Miatas from all over the US and Canada for our Buggies & Bridges event which we enjoyed so much we repeated it in 2011, and are having another one in September of 2020.

This is just the beginning of our history as our enthusiastic leaders and membership continue planning for an exciting future.