** Check this out! **

We are always looking for new drive leaders! Interested?

The club is offering a $25.00 Gift Card to club members who plan and lead their Very First Drive or Event!

Wikipedia defines incentive as : An Incentive is something that motivates an individual to perform an action. At the last PACE officers meeting ways of encouraging and increasing the number of events was discussed. Think about it , no events no club. As a review, especially for those who are new to our club, here is a reminder for all members. ANY member can plan and lead an event and any day of the week can be an event day. Now we realize not every member may be in a position to lead an event but even in such cases there are ways to be part of the process. Sometimes events are planned and lead by more than one member or an existing older event is dusted off and used again.

¬†** As an INCENTIVE for members to become involved in planning and leading events we have decided to offer an INCENTIVE. The INCENTIVE is this……. Plan and lead your first event and receive a $25 gift card paid for by the club.

Looking at our current event schedule on the club website pacemiataclub.org, The Weekly Events Update and The PACEsetter newsletter things are looking pretty good so far for this season, but there is definitely room for more. Our club typically has between 90 and 100 member cars that represent a potential for a lot of great ideas about places to go and see. Our goal is to get more members involved in the process. It may seem intimidating to be in charge of leading a line of Miatas but once you’ve done it you discover it ain’t so bad.

Here are a few actual comments made by PACE members to keep in mind. “We were actually lost but no one else knew it”. “We aren’t exactly sure where we are but we are driving Miatas so who cares”. The reason for events is to enjoy the car and the company of people with a similar love for it. If you look below, you will notice our first recipients of this new incentive.

PACE President

Sandy & Joe Golesh

Leslie & Maury Fiorenza were 1st to earn the $25.00 New Leader Incentive!

Cathy and Norm are the second to earn this Incentive!

$25 Check to Yanchuleffs for leading 1st drive. Marilyn gave a great talk on leading your 1st drive!!